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God, the creator of this mysterious universe and of all living organisms, including you, me and him. From his vantage point, God has made a great and sarcastic jest on him. He has given him a precious gift---life, nevertheless, he forgets to bestow him the strength or courage to voyage the ocean of facets and leap across the pavement of obstacles on the road of life. He looks down on himself. He has no guts to face the difficulties and challenges. Rather than facing it, pathetically, he chooses to escape and run way from all those troubles. As time passes, he finally realises that there is no any other path for him to getaway. It is the time for him to encounter and decipher the meaning of his tough and harsh life. He starts to get afraid. He has a deep chill flowing in his spine when he tries to imagine and think of the time when he is alone in the war, fighting and combating with the facets, the difficulties......

Friends are like brollies, protecting him from heavy rains and thunderstorm, whereas family is his shelter which will always keep him from any harm or being hurt. However, time proceeds with the speed of light. Time flies without waiting anyone. He is not a baby boy anymore, he has turned into a matured adult as the time passes. The fact is his beloved friends and family are not always by his side. His life has a drastic change, a 720 degrees change. His family is far away from him and his friends are no longer by his side, accompanying him. All of a sudden he feels like he has nothing. He carries on his life with a forlorn hope. He has tried tremendously hard to adapt to the new environment, but the stress and burden keep falling on his shoulders. Clouds are all over him. Darkness is approaching to him. He tries not to express ,however, the people around him slowly realise it. He is in the verge of collapsing...He feels helpless. He feels that there is a hint of mockery from the God....

He has a BROKEN family.He keeps himself aloof from the others as a way to protect himself. He can be a good friend but not an intimate friend. He is a good listener but not a good SPEAKER. He feels insecure to share his feelings which are kept inside his deep heart’s core. This small,diminutive heart has never been unrevealed for 19 years. He has never spoken to his beloved family members or even his friends for years. Our heart is fragile and vulnerable, try to imagine, when you are blowing a balloon, you keep on blowing it even though it reaches its maximum size, what will happen next? The balloon bursts. His heart is as seemed as the ballon, both are so delicate and subtle and he knows he needs to express his feelings, but he never did. The moment of crumpling is travelling towards him, step by step...

Actually simplicity is not as easy as we all think. Men are born to be complex. He tries his best to be a simple man, enjoying his uncomplicated life. However, what we want and what we achieve is not DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL. Albeit an infinitesimal and insignificant thing, he complicates himself to think about it. From a dust to the mystery outer space... all are in his mind. He tries to get them all out of his mind, but his mind does not allow the complex thoughts to getaway of his dismal brain. So until now, he still has not attained his goal, the simplest wish in which at the same time the toughest as well: to be a simple man. The moment of subsiding is just 1mm away from him...

The world of emotions is so different and is full of colours and shadows. If we were lucky and grew up in a happy and loving family, we probably have an inner program that makes it easy for us to lead a happy life in a loving relationship. If, on the other hand, there was much worry, anger, resentment and other negativity in our childhood, chances are that we will have a hard time being happy and loving as adults. That probably applies to most of us; we are victims of negative programming, during childhood. However, he grew up in a broken family. This is much understood but he never seems to be helping himself. He just locks himself in his limited world, reluctant to open his heart to welcome this idyllic world. This is him, a lonesome man who abandons and isolates himself from the world. The world is always open for him and welcome him to enter with open arms. It just depends when he wants to unveil his inner heart and step out of the darkness surrounding him. If he is willing to give his first step, he will soon realise the warmth and tenderness of this world because spring is never too far when you are in winter......

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desert flower

How does the text related to the theme of a journey?

Waris, a little girl who lived in Somalia. Her destiny had a dramatic change since she escaped from her family and started her lonely, tough and bitter-sweet journey. She walked through the desert, escaped from being attacked by the lion, ran away from being raped by the evil men, worked as a maid at her relative house and finally became a successful black model. After she had succeeded in her life, she tried her best to help to alter the African cultures which mutilated the black women, all the way from Africa to America for over four thousand years.

What is the main issue in the text?

This novel emphasizes on the hard work of a little African girl to change her life from a normal black woman who was always discriminated by men into a great model who controlled her life by her own hands. Waris was not satisfied with her life, thus, she chose not to follow the path taken by most of the people but something special and extraordinary.

From a different perspective, this novel shows us the true tragedies happened in Africa and even in the advanced country, America. Females were forced to be circumcised. An uncircumcised woman is regarded as dirty, oversexed and unmarriageable. This inequality between men and women is due to the ignorance and selfishness of men apart from lack of awareness among women.

What quality do u admire or dislike in a character?

Undeniably, Waris’s mama impresses me the most. She sacrificed a lot yet with just very few complaints. And all along her children, knew that she gave what she had, without reservation. For example, Waris’s mama never took a bite of food until everyone else had eaten. Even though she lost her beloved children, Old Man and a baby girl who was six month old, she still remained her strength and courage to continue struggling for her remaining children.

Besides that, Waris’s mama helped Waris to escape from home even though she knew that disobeyed her husband’s demand. She did it just because of her lovely daughter, Waris. She had tirelessly nurtured her twelve children. After Waris left the family, Waris’s mama had to take over all the heavy burdens, she had to feed her children as well as her husband, take good care of the animals and handle the other household work. Her generosity of spirit and inner and outer beauty are legendary.

How does the text develop your understanding of the world?

This text teaches me the meaning of life, alters my mindset and makes me to understand more about the inequality between both genders and the torture and mutilation endured by the women. We must know that men are destroying women in so many ways. The problems these women face in their entire lives are incredible.

Women are God’s precious creation. They are not men’s servant. No one can hurt them and no one can look down on them. Men and women are equal in every way. Women are actually men’s friends and companions. Tradition or not, culture or not, this is the time for us to put an end to all these discrimination. Apart from that, Desert Flower has enlighten my scope of view towards this world and broaden my spectrum of knowledge in facing the obstacles on the path towards success.

Waris, as a role model ,who started off with nothing, moved towards the stairway of success step by step, made her goal through hard work. At last, her hardwork paid off. This should be taken as a lesson for us to evaluate ourselves and be grateful and not give up easily when we encounter problems on the road of life. Life is made to have tonnes of obstacles and miles of difficulties . However, these obstacles and difficulties are meant to be solved. God purposely created such tough life for the humans is to make one understands the world better. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If you are scared of failure then you are away of success. Success is the building up’s of failures. Failures is the sole route towards success. One cannot stay away from them neither does one can escape from them. Hence, we should break the failures but not escaping from failures.

falling leaves

How does the text related to the theme of a journey?

This novel begins with the bitter childhood of a pity girl, Adeline Yen Mah. Her mother died two weeks after Adeline’s birth. She was considered inferior and insignificant, partly because of the bad luck she had brought about by causing the death of her mother. She was regarded as second-class citizen in her family.

This novel illustrates the painful but ultimately triumphant story of Adeline’s journey into her adulthood. Determined to survive through her enduring faith in family unity, she struggled for independence as she moved from Hong Kong to England and eventually to the United States to become a physician.

What is the main issue in the text?

This novel, Falling Leaves is a story of a stubborn girl, Adeline against the most merciless adversary and rival: her own family. Even though she encountered many obstacles in her life, such as bullied by her own brothers, ignored by her beloved father, discriminated by her Niang and divorced with her first husband, she managed to remain strong and tough and finally succeeded in her life.

What quality do u admire or dislike in a character?

Aunt Baba was a caring woman, she was always like a mother to Adeline. She gave Adeline her greatest nurturance: from her appearance, her health until her personalities. Most of all, she cared about her education. This was because she knew this was the only chance for Adeline to Text Colorescape from her home and able to change her life.

How does the text develop your understanding of the world?

Even though Adeline knew that she was the least-loved child in the family because she was a girl and because she caused death to her mother while giving birth to her. Nothing she did seemed to please her father, Niang or any of her siblings. But she never ceased to believe that if she tried hard enough, one day, her father, Niang and everyone in her family would be proud of her. To make this goal, she put all her efforts and attempts on her studies.

Nowadays, education plays a really vital role in the process of changing our lives or upgrading our status. This is the reason why the government concerns about the education level in our country. This novel gives us a vivid picture that education is the ticket to escape, independence and limitless achievements. Only by education, one can fulfill his or her life with satisfaction. Education can ensure one’s attainments and society status so that he or she will not be looked down or discriminated. The world is unjust, only the strong ones can conquer the world while the weak ones will be abandoned and isolated. No one will remember who they are or even their existence. This is the reality of this world. This is deeply implanted in people’s minds. Thus, only through education, this inequality can be changed. Education is, afterall, the most essential and crucial turning point to an equal and fair world.

boy; tales of childhood

How does the text related to the theme of a journey?

This narrative jots down Dahl’s young days at school. A number of sheepish and fiendish things happened to him where he could never able to get them out of his mind. His life, from a little school boy who worked for the Shell Oil Company in Africa until he eventually became a fighter pilot and a writer.

What is the main issue in the text?

This text tells us the life of a boy, Dahl from his childhood until his adulthood. Besides that, it shows us the intimate relation between Dahl and his family members. His family had given him the utmost encouragement whenever he faced any facets.

What quality do u admire or dislike in a character?

After finished reading the novel, I realized that the woman who owned the sweet-shop, Mrs Pratchett was a woman of disguise. She never smiled. She was not satisfied and did not welcome Dahl and his friends to step in to her shop.

Besides that, her hands were kinda scary and revolting. They were dark with dirt and grime. Mrs Pratchett plunged into the sweet-jars and took out the sweets with her filthy pair of hands. She should prioritized the hygiene and the health of the customers.

Furthermore, when Dahl and his friends were caned by the principal, Mrs Pratchett sat in the room, watching and shouting with no sympathy at all. Her unethical act would affect Dahl and his friends’ confidence and even ruined their future.

How does the text develop your understanding of the world?

Dahl’s life was full of unmitigated catastrophes and unpredictable happenings. For instance, he nearly lost his nose in a car accident. He once worked as a chocolate candy tester for Cadbury’s and he had the oppurtunity of involving himself in the Great Mouse Plot of 1924. He faced many difficulties throughout his life. Nevertheless, he still remained as a moderate, humble and happy-go-lucky person. He deeply realized the key of happiness was living in moderation.

Most of us will feel frustrated and upset when we encounter obstacles or facets in life. No matter what, we should stay calm and be sanguine.We are shaped by what we think and what we do. Never ever get beaten down by failure. Somehow or rather, the biggest enemy of us is just ourself. Bear in mind of the quotes, “If you think you can, you can.” “What the mind can conceive, it can be achieved”. Always be confident in whatever way. However, confidence does not mean exaggerating or boosting .We should be moderate and humble. Furthermore, we should not limit our abilities. Open for possibilities. “You don’t know how high you can fly, until you try.” Colours of the wind is waiting for you, the greatest painter to complete it. Thus, change your perspective of life, be optimistic always. We stand a chance, we surely do. It is just the matter of how you want to view this world. Just have faith in ourselves and everything will be just as easy as ABC. Enigmatic twilight is never too far when we get ourselves on the right track.

the little prince

How does the text related to the theme of a journey?

This narrative states the asteroids visited by the little prince. He visited them to look for an occupation and to broaden his scope of knowledge.

What is the main issue in the text?

The main theme of this novel is about friendship. Although the writer and the little prince came from two different planets, they still can be close friends despite the differences in them. The writer tried his best to help and understand the little prince whilst learning from him. The bond between them was strong.

What quality do u admire or dislike in a character?

The writer gives me a good impression in the beginning of the story. He was a patient man. This was clearly shown during the time he explained his drawing to his friends without any complaints. Other than that, he showed his tolerance again when the little prince asked him to draw him a sheep. He had drawn for thrice until the little prince satisfied with the drawing. Besides, he also asked the little prince if to add up a rope on the drawing to tie the sheep.

Apart from that, the writer threw in the towel very easily when he faced adversities or challeges. He was a person who always hid himself from the reality. For example, he gave up a magnificent career as a painter at the age of six as the grown-ups advised him to give up his drawings because they never understood a single thing of his drawings.

How does the text develop your understanding of the world?

The relationship between the writer and the little prince makes me realize that the bonds between people nowadays are so fragile and delicate. The selfishness and ignorance of the people has turned this world into a cool and dangerous place. Crime, the major concern of the politicians happens due to the lack of love and communication among the people. Ergo, we should learn from the writer and the little prince. Love, the power of all, can help to reduce all these disharmonies to the minimum. Thus, let us convey our most genuine love to everyone so that our Mother Earth can return to her usual hormonious and idyllic condition for her people to live in.

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There are only a few magic numbers in American civic life.You can vote(and get drafted)at age 18.You can drink at 21.You can become president at 35.You can retire at 65.But on that last one-do Americans really want to?Now that so many Americans are living healthfully until 85,fewer and fewer actually retire at 65.Today there are 5 million people 65 or older in the U.S. labor force,almost twice what there were in the early 1980s.And that number is about to explode.Some people are working past 65 because they have to:Health care costs are rising,and Social Security payments-at an average of about $1,000 a month-don't cover what they used to.But the bigger trend in Senior Work is the fact that Americans love -and now that we're living longer,we want to work longer too.We just can't get enough.My friend and mentor Harold Burson,the co-founder of the global PR firm Burson Marsteller,where I am CEO,just turned 86,and comes to work every day,bursting with ideas.On average,Americans work over 1,800 hours per year,substantially more than most workers around the world.Although we get fewer vacation days per year than other Western countries(13 days,compared to 28 in the UK,and 37 in France),we let more than twice as many go unused.And really,what's a vacation to us these days without our BlackBerry?In 2006,almost a quarter of us (23%) checked our work e-mail and voice mail while away-up from just 16% in 2005.A lot of us love to work.In fact,the impulse to work is so basic that the Fourth Commandment is to take off one day a week.Not working for a day is right up there with not murdering,not committing adultery,and not stealing.We tend to assume that most people want off-waiting all week for the Friday afternoon whistle so they can stream out of work.To be sure,many jobs are terrible-even life-threatening-and people reasonably can't wait to get home.But as work overall has become more managerial,consulting,and software-oriented-and as manufacturing jobs have been on the decline-a lot of people have changed their attitude toward work,and the number of workaholics has skyrocketed.How many times have you heard the old saying that no one ever lay on his deathbed wishing he had spent more time at the office?And yet,a lot of people are doing just that.The sandwich generation is going to be in for a shock when they call their 70-year old parents at the office and find they are just too busy to babysit their grandkids.Add to America's general obsession with work the fact that it is now the baby boomer generation who is nearing 65,and it becomes clear that the traditional idea of "retirement"-with its gold watch,rocking chair,and golf course-is just about ready for retirement itself.Boomers reinvented youth in the 1960s and economic success in the 1980s;they are not to do their senior years by someone else's formula.According to a 2005 survey by Merrill Lynch,more than 3 in 4 boomers say they have no intention of seeking a traditional retirement.Rather they look ahead to their 20 more years (when Social Security was created in 1935,a 65 year old could expect just 13 more years)_and they say Bring It On.Some want to keep their health insurance,or have enough funds for the extra years-but more of the boomers surveyed said they wanted to keep working in order to stay mentally and physically active and to stay connected to people."Microtrends-the small forces behind tomorrow's big changes" Mark J. Penn (2007)Hachette Book GroupQuestions

1. What do the magic numbers of 18,21,35 and 65 represent in American civic life?
18 means one is allowed to vote and get drafted. 21 means one can drink alcohol. 35 means one can get nominated to become the president.65 means one’s retirement. This shows the growing process of an American at different stages.

2. Why do some people work past 65?
For some reasons, they are forced to work because the Social Security payment(about $1000 per month) does not sustain the health care costs which are keep rising. However, in fact, the Americans nowadays live longer and they are wanting to work longer too.

3. What does the phrase " bursting with ideas"when he comes to work at the age of 86 implies about Mr. Harold Burson?
It means age is not a factor in working. Elderly still can work as efficiently as the youth and can be as creative as them as well.

4. Give examples to show that American employees are workaholics by choice?
-They do not long for an off every once in a week.
-They’d rather stay longer in the office than going back home.

5.What is the tone of the writer when he mentions that "not working for a day is right up there with not murdering,not committing adultery and not stealing"?

6. What example is given to show that the grandparents of the present generation do not fit with the traditional stereotypical image of grandparents in the past?
The younger generation is going to be in for a shock when they call their 70-year old parents at the office and find they are just too busy to babysit their grandkids.

7.Explain in your own words the sentence"it becomes clear that the traditional idea of "retirement"-with its gold watch,rocking chair,and golf course-is just about ready for retirement itself."
The traditional idea of retirement is no longer practical nowadays. It will soon be superseded.